Charter Oak Lights Out Stout

Charter Oak's first in their limited release 'Charter Series' is Lights Out Stout (recall, it was when the candles mysteriously were extinguished, the Charter 'disappeared') is a robust, yet well balanced Russian Imperial Stout.  This limited release is brewed to an opaque, midnight black shade with an abundance of specialty malted and roasted barley and plenty of fresh Goldings and Northern Brewer hops shipped directly from the hop farms in the UK.  Lights Out Stout enjoys a complex taste profile of coffee, chocolate, and toffee and at 9.1% ABV it's a real sipper on a cool Fall or brisk Winter evening.


Try our newest release.  One year cellar aged Lights Out Russian Imperial Stout in the bottle.  Only available at select stores in 22oz bottles.

Beer Stats:

9.1% ABV;  50IBU;  45SRM

Tasting Notes:

This is a robust, yet well balanced, Stout with hints of chocolate, coffee, toffee, and Carmel and a solid roasted barley back bone. It pours a dark black with a full head of tan foam and enjoys a dominate chocolate and coffee aroma.  From your first sip, there is no mistake that this style has plenty of fresh hops; however the full malted barley backbone hides any hint of bitterness.  This is a well balanced Russian Imperial Stout with a generous ABV at 9.1% and full flavor

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