Charter Oak's Lights On Summer Ale

Only available at select stores.

Charter Oak's second in their limited release 'Charter Series' is Lights On Summer Ale (recall, it was when the candles were relit, the Charter went missing) is an easy drinking, wheat based beer infused with real Oranges.  It is a perfect beer for those warm summer days when a thirst quenching beer is the answer! This limited release is brewed to a pale orange shade with plenty of Orange aroma and taste up front.  Lights On Summer Ale is a perfect match to welcome Summer.

Beer Stats:

4.8% ABV; 12.7 IBU; 6.6 SRM

Tasting Notes:

This is an easy drinking, very sessionable Summer Ale with a full Orange aroma and taste as one enjoys your first sip, yet finishes very clean and refreshing ... without that syrupy, sweet residual on the palate.  This beer is surprisingly well balanced for all the nose and will prove to be a real refreshing summer treat.

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