Charter Oak's Sanford Tavern ESB

COMING SOON.  Charter Oak's Sanford Tavern Extra Special Bitter (It was at this "meeting house" that the patriots met and refused to surrender the charter to the British) - If flavor begins with the nose and aroma, our ESB will have plenty of flavor! This British styled session beer will enjoy a fairly strong hop scent, flavor, and of course bitterness, yet you will clearly experience a well balanced ale from our specialty malted barley. Our ESB will be full bodied, bitter style that pours a rich and deep golden shade with plenty of carbonation. This beer will be available in mid 2015.

This ESB will be a wonderful, crisp, and deliciously refreshing session styled beer without the harshness of an unbalanced hoppy beer. We hope you will enjoy this beer!

Beer Stats:

5%ABV; 35IBU; 10SRM
Best if served at 48 - 54F (9 - 12C)

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