The Kolsch styled beer was first brewed in Cologne (Koln), Germany and will be offered as a seasonal beer by Connecticut's  Nor'easter Brewing Company as a summer seasonal selection.  This style is not a widely offered beer here in the United States; however, it is a perfect brew for a warm summer's day or evening.  The light body, pale golden shade, and crisp, dry finish make this a perfect choice. Although most German brewed beers tend to be bottom fermented Lagers... + read more
Although the standing in world rankings remain the same with Anheuser-Busch InBev solidly at #1, SAB Miller in second place, followed by Heineken and Carlsberg; the dynamics in the USA are changing. While it is still true that ABInBev (AKA "the king of beers" ) still commands first place for it's Bud Lite brand, as well as over all beer sales, it has recently been nudged and perhaps awoken.  For the first time in recent memory, the flagship brand with the familiar white, red... + read more
Nielson, the marketing survey company,  just reported on current beer sales and confirmed that craft beer is still growing, despite overall beer sales declining in the USA.  The report reviewed strong overall summer beer sales, although off-premise continued to be slower than normal.  Craft beers enjoyed a 16.8% increase by volume and an 18% increase in sales dollars for 52 weeks, ending September 17.  The average case of craft beer is now $31.72.  Note, craft beer only... + read more
The shape of the glass is actually fundamental in delivering the aroma, and thus taste, of your beer.  Such attributes as the height of the glass, how wide or narrow the glassware is, and the shape of the mouth all effect the bouquet.  As outlined earlier on the Charter Oak Brewing website, your nose is important and, therefore,  taste and aroma are absolutely connected.  As a point of fact, smell (or aroma) enhances flavor. The primary objectives of the glassware chosen... + read more
Unfortunately, in our fast paced world of wanting everything NOW,  restaurants and pubs tend to throw a bunch of soap on a beer mug, maybe dip it in a sanitizer, and than rinse it in a nana second, and stick it on the rack.  This is not to say the glass is not 'clean' … but it is not beer clean!  A dirty glass can kill the taste of a great beer. One immediate tell tale is your beer appears flat – absolutely no head of foam and no bubbles floating to the... + read more
Once the Charter Oak Brewing Company is in operation, we will revisit this release and recommend our specific beers for pairing with food. In the meantime, we wanted to document something now, because for 'centuries', it's always been “which wine goes best with this meal”; today, beer has finally made it on to the menu.  In fact, more and more restaurants now boost a beer selection as large as the wine choices!  In fact, joining the ranks of wine experts at... + read more
The simple answer is the more you want to ‘taste’ the beer, the warmer it should be served, within reason.  Most beer is served too cold in the opinion of many craft beer drinkers.  One would attribute this cold temperature to the fact that over 85% of the beer market is Budweiser, Miller, and Coors and these lagers are all served ice cold. As a general rule of thumb, the proper temperature for Lagers should be served between 40-50F and Ales slightly warmer at 54-60F.... + read more
Harvard University recently reported on the results from data taken on women in their 50's and the relationship on alcohol.  The study concluded that their minds were sharper, bodies fitter, and they were in better mental health!  The women in the study had an average age of 58. The researchers stated that the equivalent of four small glass of wine, 4 single measurements of spirits, or a few beers boosted the odds of a healthful life.  The study went on to show that daily... + read more


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